Each cake is made to your specifications. We will gladly
price custom flavors and designs. Delivery is
additional. Please call or email for quotes or queries.

To view or download the Wedding Cake Price List as a pdf. document click here.

Cake Flavors and Cost Per Serving
White Cake $4.20
Chocolate Cake $4.20
Carrot Cake $4.50
Marble Cake or Chocolate & White Cake $4.50
Fresh Lemon Cake $4.75
Fresh Orange Sponge Cake $4.75
Coconut Cake or Poppyseed Cake $4.75
Hazelnut Sour Cream Cake $4.75

Frostings and Cost Per Serving
Vanilla Butter Cream N/C
Cream Cheese Frosting N/C
White Meringue Buttercream $.30
Flavored Buttercreams Including: $.25
White Chocolate Buttercream $.50
Poured Dark Chocolate Ganache $1.10
White Rolled Fondant $1.10

Fillings (Optional) and Cost Per Serving
Raspberry Puree $.60
Fresh Lemon or Lime Curd $.80
Apricot, Raspberry or Orange Preserves $.30
Chocolate, Raspberry, or Orange Mousse $1.00
Liqueur Soaking Syrup: $.50
Grand Marnier
Flavored Buttercreams: as listed in Frostings $.25-.50
Dark Chocolate Ganache (Truffle) $.80
Fresh Fruit: market price

Embellishments (Optional)
Fresh Fruit: priced to order
Fresh Flowers, Sugar Flowers, or Gum Paste Flowers: priced to order
Crystal Pansies or Roses $36.00 per dozen
Buttercream Roses $18.00 per dozen
White or Dark chocolate Curls $24.00 per dozen
Pillars (4 separators & plate) $20.00 per set
Square or shaped Tiers $10.00 per tier
Basketweave, Painting, or other Premium Designs: $10.00/tier or to order

To view or download the Wedding Cake Price List as a pdf. document click here.

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